Rebecca Leckman

Rebecca Leckman is a Venice, California based interactive generalist who has focused her
entire professional career on getting people what they need to accomplish their goals as
easily as possible, whether it's an online customer placing an order on a retail website or
a designer needing information to complete their creative work.

Over the past fifteen years Rebecca has leveraged her training in graphic design, her expertise
in user experience design and usability, her enjoyment of collaborative design processes,
and her passion for customer-centric solutions to shape some of the industry's most successful
retail websites. She has worked for and consulted with clients ranging from the largest
specialty apparel retailers and global integrated advertising agencies to small businesses
and enterprising individuals.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Design and Communication from the
University of California.

In her spare time she enjoys traveling with her family, reading, keeping her dogs from diggng up
her gardening attempts. She's also enjoying the new beach cruiser she got for a 10th
aniversary present. Thankfully, Venice is pretty flat.

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